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People of Ghana, religion, music, art, crafts, carvings, jewellery, cookings, recipes, masks, mudcloth

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Ghana is no different when it comes to customs and traditions surrounding a special event such as childbirth, . Outdooring. Outdooring refers to .

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Adinto: Akan Naming and Outdooring . "soul" name and the name from their father at birth—before the arrival of the Christian orthodoxy in present‐day Ghana.

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Outdooring and naming on Ghana Information – Outdooring new babies is a ceremony typical amongst almost all tribes in Ghana and involves the practice of…

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Definition of outdooring - In Ghana: a traditional ceremony in which a baby is brought outside for the first time (usually occurring eight days after the bir

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Micah's Outdooring. . Pray for safety in travel as we return to Ghana after our furlough and travel back to Tamale and Yendi; . Hewers of wood web log.

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Traditional Ceremony & Shrines. Life in Ghana is full of ceremonies that mark the important . NAMING CEREMONY & OUTDOORING Children are considered to be a gift from .

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This is a video of an Outdooring ceremony for a new baby in Ghana. In Ghana, a child is brought outdoors for the first time on the 7th day. At that time .