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Advantages of Composites. Light . Composite materials can be designed to be both strong and light. This property is why composites are used to build airplanes .

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The advantages and disadvantages associated with using composite materials in aircraft manufacturing are as follows: ADVANTAGES. Light Weight - Composites are light in weight, compared to most metals. Their lightness is important in aircraft, where less weight means better fuel efficiency .

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The advantages of using composite materials include. 1. Resistance to a wide range of chemical agents including acid rain and salt spray, conditions under which metal parts would suffer. This results in much reduced maintenance and repair costs.

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The base material is modified to meet your requirements and then combined with other materials. In essence, a composite material should add to the advantages of the structure as a whole. Composite materials are combinations of two or more material components.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using .

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Most of the time, the use of composite materials on an aircraft structure reduces weight. Fiber-reinforced matrix systems are stronger than traditional aluminum found in most aircraft, and they provide a smooth surface and increase fuel efficiency.

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The relative lightness of composite materials enables use of bigger sections that are inherently stiffer and stronger for bending and torsion. This is a considerable advantage for engineered structures.

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Advantage of composites Composite materials posses a wide variety of features that makes it reliable when compared with metals. Below are some of the most important features of composites, and the benefits they provide Lightweight Composites are incredibly lightweight, especially in comparison to materials like concrete, metal, and wood.