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With material costs accounting for about a third of overall roof replacement costs, a typical clay tile roof can cost as much as $45,000. Wood shakes range from $5,250 to $8,250 for materials for a typical house, compared to $13,500 to $22,500 for slate.

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With most professional — licensed & insured roofing contractors, the installation cost is usually about 60% of the total cost. Thus, a 3-tab composition shingle roof will cost an average of $400 to $500 per square to install.

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For broken or missing roof tiles- replacement per square meter will cost £345; For leaking roof – repairs will cost £405; For chimney rebuilding – around £2,100 to £2,680; For gutter replacement – estimated value of £205; For downpipe replacement- costs around £155; For gutter and downpipe cleaning – costs an average of £200 to £560; Roof Repair Materials

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On average, metal roof replacement costs $3.50-$11 per square foot, installed. The average price to replace the roof is $16,800. Metal is one of the strongest materials on the market. ? CC0 Public Domain. Asphalt. The asphalt shingle is one of the most common roofing materials in America.

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Job Details Typical price quoted Price range Typical time to complete job; Survey conducted in July 2012: Replace fascias and soffits on a typical three-bed detached .

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Type of roofing material matters. According to Costhelper, which provides average cost for consumer products, it costs from $1.20-$4 a square foot to remove and replace the roof or $1,700 to $8,400 for a typical 1,700-2,100 square foot ranch-style home, with a gentle slope.

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How Much Does A New Roof Cost To Install? . includes everything involved in a typical asphault roof replacement. And whatbtypenofnroofndoes this represent?

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How Much Will a Roof Replacement Cost? . Guide on Roof Repair Costs . This is around the UK average for roof replacements, .

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