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Waste wood can also be shredded and stuck together with adhesives . 2009. Recycling needs to be a much more fundamental part of .

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Like other recycled materials, wood only improves the second time around.

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Take wood to civic amenity sites for recycling. Wood can often be reused to make other items, such as a bird table for your garden. Wood can often be added to your .

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Recycled plastic lumber’s combination of environmental sustainability, longevity, and consumer friendliness makes it the leading alternative to wood, concrete and metal building materials. In addition to being made from recycled content, HDPE plastic lumber is a truly recyclable material that can be used over and over again.

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Recycled wood has a story to tell and it is beautiful too. Recycled wood salvaged from demolished houses, old buildings, sheds, factories, warehouses, wharves, boats and other wood products is available from specialist wood suppliers, secondhand building material outlets, larger demolition companies and demolition sites.

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What does it get turned into? . By buying products made from recycled materials you are closing the "recycling loop", which is just as important as recycling itself!

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Wood Specification: Recycled Materials Recycled content: the proportion, by mass, of recycled material in a product or packaging. Only pre-consumer and post-consumer material is considered as recycled content, as defined under ISO 14021 Environmental Labels and Declarations—Self-Declared Environmental Claims .

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Product packaging. Plastic packaging: By far the most common, plastic packaging, in the form of bottles, other containers and plastic film, adding to that packaging peanuts , polyvinyl chloride bags and blister packs, is often made from recycled plastic.