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This type of construction has the insulation above the roof deck, . Most flat roof systems will meet the . Check upstand and adjacent details for problems.

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Deck types for flat roofs. Materials used for the roof deck should be selected from those listed in . Plywood used for roof decks is generally . Wood particle .

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2 details for conventional wood frame construction. . flat roof framing . 4 details for conventional wood frame construction.

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This article discusses rooftop deck construction details to avoid building . accumulating below the nearly-flat roof deck. . Wood Deck Construction Guide .

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Moderator: Bill Robinson Durable and leak-free details for siding and trim, doors and windows, roofs, decks and exterior finishes.


1 Flat Roof Construction Types 04 2 Insulation and Condensation 06 3 Deck Types 07 4 Fire Protection 08 . Wood Particle Board .

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Details for Pitched Roofs and Flat Roofs, . Flat Roof Deck; . A selection of roof detail drawings including flat roof details, .

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The flat roof shown above shows Warm Deck Roof Construction. . Video of a Timber Flat Roof Detail Drawing

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Decking Over a Roof . here are tons of reasons to build a deck over a roof, . a reliable roof membrane and details that minimize any damage to the

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The application I am looking at is for some type of wood deck with railing . are extremely lacking in details . Deck Over A Flat Roof .