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21 Oct 2015 . First you need to work out your square meters. You do this . So 24m2 of 86mm would be: 24 divided by 0.091 = 263.74 or 264 LM. And 24m2.

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TQ TDS 13 - Residential Timber Decks close to or on the Ground. Section 3. DECKING .. Weight (per lineal metre) kgs. 2.3. 3.7. 3.7. 5.0 .. vailable plain (square edged), with pencil round or arrised edges . 63 mm, 86 mm or 135mm. Narro.

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$m3 x nominal width x nominal depth = $ Lineal Meters; 75×25 = $420 m3 converts to $420 m3 x 0.075 x 0.025 = $0.79. Square Meters to Lineal Meters.

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We stock spotted gum decking in the following sizes: 86mm x 19mm. (100 x 25 spotted gum decking. covers 86 mm so allow 12 linear metres per square metre.

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square as CleverDeck decking will conform to the level and orientation of the .. tub of clips & screws will fix between 8-10 square metres of 86mm wide deck.

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Merbau, CleverDeck. Dimensions, 90mm × 19mm, 86mm × 23mm. l/m per sq/m with 3mm spacing vs 5mm spacing, 10.75, 10.99. Average selling price per l/m.

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The Decking Calculator by Jacksons Fencing. Use our Decking Builder Calculator to help you calculate all the components you need to create a perfect garden deck. . What shape decking do you require? Square; Rectangle. For other.