recycled plastic sleepers uk

Network Rail to replace wooden sleepers with recycled plastic

Network Rail is to start replacing traditional wooden sleepers with blocks made from robust recycled plastic following successful track trials.

Railway sleepers made from waste plastic -

Railway sleepers made from waste plastic, including recycled bumper scrap and old computer cases could be putting in an appearance on UK railway tracks soon, writes .

Rubber/Plastic Composite Rail Sleepers - WRAP

There is a large potential market for rubber-plastic composite rail sleepers in the UK and in Europe. . can be recycled into new composite sleepers.

Beams and Sleepers - Recycled Plastic Lumber UK

Kedel Ltd specialise In producing products made exclusively from 100% recycled plastic. We have a creative inventory, with examples such as: Recycled Plastic Lumber .

Recycled Plastic Beams & Sleepers Filcris Ltd

The largest recycled plastic sleeper available in the UK, can be easily sawn and drilled and ideal for heavy duty landscape construction projects.

Recycled plastic railway sleepers to be manufactured in UK

Sicut Enterprises is to bring the manufacturing of its recycled plastic composite sleepers to the UK. The company expects to announce its plans for the manufacture .

Recycled Plastic Garden Railway Products - Filcris Ltd

Use our recycled plastic sheets just like plywood to make a sturdy track bed that will last many years. Weatherproof & maintenance free.

100m deal to supply plastic railway sleepers!

The UK rail operator has awarded the potential £100million “eco . I-PLAS from Halifax will build “green” railway sleepers out of 100 per cent recycled plastic.